How Dya Do in C6

How Dya Do for the first time is played and arranged for C6 lap steel guitar here...

A couple of benefits to playing it in the C6 high tuning:

1) no need to change tuning or have multiple necks

2) F#m7 chord more fully realized / lushness (I made the first appearance of this chord stand out with delay)


1) need to play with lots of open strings in the Am7 section (you'll hear my strings slap a bit as the steel rides up over the nut).

This really isn't a drawback if you don't mind plucking lots of open strings in succession.

The mp3 clip below features a portion of the classic song being played on an 8-string tuned to C6 (ACEGACEG). Hope you enjoy the piece.

Click here to listen: How D'ya Do In C6

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