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Drifting and Dreaming

Drifting and Dreaming is a real lap steel guitar song, that originally did NOT feature the floating sound that only the steel guitar can produce. Read on.

One day I happened to pick up Les Paul's Lovers' Luau release, which contains an all-Hawaiian classic setlist performed by multi-tracked electric guitars, that evoke sounds of lap steel, piano, ukulele and bass, done in the inimitable way that only Les could do it.

Being a huge Hawaiian music fan, the disk was always in my rotation, until fast forward many years when, after discovering the lap steel guitar, I returned to the recording and began transcribing all the classics on the disk, starting with Drifting and Dreaming.

Buy this album

lovers luau by les paul

Pick up a copy of this fantastic album of all Hawaiian favorites played by the legend himself: Les Paul.

NOTE: The video below features Les Paul's recording of "Drifting and Dreaming" from the Lovers Luau sessions, however the video uploader mistakenly titled it "Song of the Islands".

My take

My live lap steel rendition found on this page was recorded completely live on a videocam mic with no video--thus the very raw sound--just me plugged into a humming Fender Twin Reverb accompanied by a piano player friend.

Josh's Live version--electric steel guitar and piano

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