Lap Steel Guitar Specialties

lap steel guitar lessons

The Lap Steel Guitar focused is here to provide you with a sweet stream of Non-Pedal Steel Guitar Goodness--conveniently right to your device of choice!

An entirely new era of Non Pedal Steel Guitar info, entertainment and learning opportunities awaits you! Specializing in the following tunings: C6 (High and Low), A6, E13, C13, B11, Open tunings for Dobro [G, D] and electric Open tunings: E Major

lap steel guitar lessons

This site is penned by a seasoned professional full-time musician. But more importantly the information you're accessing here comes from a classically trained musician who studied at the conservatory level, and someone who actually studied music theory.

This last point is very important, because music theory is not something that you want to be learning from a hack or a "guitar player", beware of an instruction site coming from a guitar viewpoint. My primary instrument is the PIANO, and I studied music theory at the Aaron Copland School of Music, I can tell when a guitar player is spouting their version of music theory, and it's always distorted. But more on this later....

lap steel guitar lessons

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Have A Listen To My Playing

Meantime, if you'd like to hear some of my playing, check out the samples below from my debut album deceptively entitled Hawaiian Ukulele Music, it's chock FULL of lap steel guitar playing (actually all the lap steel here is performed on my Remington Signature S-1 Model).

Please consider purchasing the album via CD Baby or by clicking on the "Buy MP3" button located right in the player, I promise you'll enjoy TONS of soothing steel guitar playing and by doing so you'll be supporting more education for yourself on this very site. I thank you in advance--Mahalo!